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Production and Development

Elasol G is part of the Elasol joint venture.

Elasol G

Elasol G is the production factory of OMBRA-DLS. We exclusively focus on the development and production of technical textiles with elastic properties. Elasol G produces for Elasol NL only.

Our target:

We have set ourselves the following targets:

-  OMBRA-DLS®should be produced sustainably

-  The production of OMBRA-DLS® should be cost-efficient.

-  Employees think along in the development of OMBRA-DLS®

Our people:

All our employees have long-term experience and are very skilled in the production of elastic fabrics. They contribute these experiences to the production of the technical textile that consitutes OMBRA-DLS®.

Our method:


Our method is characterised by having an extremely innovating character. Elasol NL provides the knowledge about customers in the various markets. This knowledge and their demands form the basis for a continuous process of new developments. To achieve this, we use the most advanced knitting techniques and the textiles that we use for OMBRA-DLS® are the best of their kind. Added to this, our employees are regularly trained to be able to meet the high quality requirements that our customers expect of us. To be able to continue satisfying the wishes of our customer we also cooperate closely with the supplier of our machinery. We are pleased to share with them our experiences and ideas about knitting techniques.


During the production process we consider the environment. We will always be looking out for new technologies in order to use our raw materials more efficiently. Also, our view of the entire production chain has already led to a reduction of CO2 emission. To be considered in this respect:

- Raw materials originate from the EU

- Production is within the EU

- Efficient logistics towards customers

- No chemical follow-up treatment of the screen

- Elastic yarn without oil

We work exclusively through Elasol NL, for inquiries please contact them. Should you wish to approach us directly? Elasol NL will put you in contact with the right person!




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